Here’s What Our Parents are Saying..

At Falcon Ridge Ranch, our goal is to do our best to help troubled teens recover, heal, and to see families reunited.

To this end, we sincerely do our best to care for your daughter while she is entrusted into our care – and help you reconnect with your child as new skills are mastered.

We truly appreciate the feedback, stories, and comments we receive from our parents and students throughout the years.


Falcon Ridge Ranch




Choosing Falcon Ridge Ranch was the best decision we could have made for our daughter.  After years of therapy and when wilderness failed it was our last hope.  It’s difficult to describe how wonderful it is to have our daughter back.Gina Childers, Falcon Ridge Parent


We saw her blossom and grow at Falcon Ridge. She became a different person when she started equine therapy. Loving and caring for her horse made all the difference in the world.David & Megan, Falcon Ridge Parents - Chicago


Horses are such magnificent animals. Allie loved how honest and non-jugemental horses are. They show us the truth in ourselves through honest and direct feedback in a way that even as her mother I couldn’t. It was a magical experience each time we did an equine session together.Abbie Detrich, Falcon Ridge Parent - San Diego


Positive peer culture gives you the chance to use peer example instead of pressure to do things that are not helpful to you. It gave me a chance to be a leader instead of a follower.Ellen D, Falcon Ridge Graduate


Our daughter arrived at Falcon Ridge way behind in several subjects. She hated school and was on track to be inelligble for graduation. The teachers at Falcon really helped her understand. We are so grateful to those who helped her learn to love learning again.Art J., Falcon Ridge Parent - Los Angeles


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The school is wonderful! I tend to oversell it because I’m so happy with the results!Laurie W., Falcon Ridge Parent


We found Falcon Ridge through an education consultant. Our first visit gave us hope for our daughter. After many months of working with the horses, therapists, teachers, staff, and other students, our daughter is home, working a part-time job, and going to college. We are all so grateful.”? Kathy P. - Falcon Ridge Parent


When I got to the Ranch I felt an instant connection.
George S. - Falcon Ridge Parent


It’s the most magical place I’ve ever been. It’s something you have to experience at least once in your lifetime.Anna Desai, Falcon Ridge Parent


The sunsets at Falcon Ridge Ranch are incredibly beautiful. The red mountains, blue skies and fresh air is something we miss living in the east.Jessi, Falcon Ridge Parent, Baltimore


Living in Vegas we’ve always gone to Utah to get away and refresh. Zion is one of those places that you never get tired of visiting.Brad M, Falcon Ridge Parent, Las Vegas


My daughter was a year behind in school and had a learning disability. Everyone at Falcon Ridge helped her develop her inner-strength. Before long, she became successful, and was caught-up in her classes. She is now on the honor roll and loves school. Thank you Falcon Ridge
Tom P. - Falcon Ridge Parent
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