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Falcon Ridge Ranch Testimonials

"When I got to the Ranch I felt an instant connection."
George S., Parent

"The caring starts when you enter the door, and it doesn't stop when you leave."
Sharon B., Parent

"I'm very grateful to Falcon Ridge. They saved my life."
Lindsey S., Student

"Falcon Ridge Ranch is very family oriented."
Laurie W., Parent

"The school is wonderful. I tend to oversell it because I'm so happy with the results."
Sue B., Parent

"We found Falcon Ridge through an education consultant. Our first visit gave us hope for our daughter. After many months of working with the horses, therapists, teachers, staff, and other students, our daughter is home, working a part-time job, and going to college. We are all so grateful."
Kathy P., Parent

"My daughter was a year behind in school and had a learning disability. Everyone at Falcon Ridge helped her develop her inner-strength. Before long, she became successful, and was caught-up in her classes. She is now on the honor roll and loves school. Thank you Falcon Ridge."
Tom P., Parent

It was a pleasure to confirm just how dedicated and professional the Ranch is. It is to their credit that my daughter seems to be in a period of strong personal growth, and I am very grateful."
Dan A., Parent

You are here: Home Testimonials
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