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Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Girls in Tennessee6-3-11 006

Tennessee has a wide array of residential treatment centers for troubled girls. Parents should have no difficulties in securing a program in that area. Nevertheless, we encourage parents to do their research in the type of services that these programs offer. Parents may be surprised to discover that their state may be a child-right state which demands that a teen must consent to being sent to a therapeutic program.

Teens are seldom aware that they even have a problem, especially if a chemical dependency or alcohol usage is present. To find a program in an area where a teen doesn't have to consent to attend, we encourage parents to contact our admissions counselors for reference and support. We also recommend our program Falcon Ridge Ranch located in southern Utah, a non-child-right state. Your struggling child does not need to consent prior to being placed in our care.

Parents have to understand that the teenage brain is a developing organ that won't reach maturity until age twenty-five or so, and the psychological roller coaster of emerging independence and sexuality can be daunting for girls and boys alike. Adding a traumatic event, or major stress into the mix, can shake the delicate foundation of any adolescent.

Find a solution for Troubled girls

If you are in search of a strong gender-based program then Falcon Ridge Ranch is the right one for you. We only serve troubled girls between the ages of 12 to 17 who are struggling with the issues associated with adolescence.

We understand that mental health disorders in adolescent girls are caused by various factors, such as biology, environment, or a mix of both. Examples of biological factors are genetics, chemical imbalances in the body, and damage to the central nervous system, such as a head injury. Many environmental factors can affect a teenage girl's mental health, such as exposure to violence, extreme stress, and loss of an important person.

For these reasons, we take the utmost care that our troubled girls are in an environment away from any distractions where they can focus on healing.

For more information on how we can help your daughter heal contact us at 1-866-452-8775

Teen issues that requires therapeutic solutions:

  • Persistent feelings of sadness or hopelessness
  • Constant anger and a tendency to overreact to situations
  • Persistent worry, anxiety, or fearfulness
  • Preoccupation with physical illness or their own appearance
  • Fear that someone is controlling her mind, or that she is "out of control"
  • A sudden, unexplained drop in grades at school
  • A loss of interest in activities that were once enjoyed
  • Changes in patterns of sleeping or eating
  • Reclusiveness, preferring to be alone rather than in the company of friends or family
  • Hearing voices that aren't there
  • Expressing thoughts of suicide
  • An inability to concentrate, think clearly, or make decisions
  • An inability to sit still
  • Performing routines obsessively throughout the day, such as washing hands or cleaning things
  • Experiencing regular nightmares
  • Alcohol or drug use
  • Dieting obsessively, or binging followed by vomiting or taking laxatives
  • Taking part in violent acts such as setting fires or killing animals

Residential treatment centers for adolescent girls in Tennessee

The Turningpoint Recovery Centers - Cordova, TN

La Paloma Treatment Center - Memphis, TN

Integrative Life Center - Nashville, TN

Talisman Camps and Programs - Knoxville, TN

Magnolia Creek Treatment Center for Eating Disorders - Nashville, TN

We Serve Families from the following cities in Tennessee:

Memphis, Nashville-Davidson, Knoxville, Chattanooga, Clarksville, Murfreesboro, Jackson, Johnson City, Kingsport, Franklin, Hendersonville, Bartlett, Germantown, Cleveland, Columbia, Collierville, Oak Ridge, Smyrna, Morristown, Bristol, Cookeville, Brentwood, Gallatin, Maryville, East Ridge


You are here: Home Resources Residential Programs Uncategorised Residential Treatment Centers for Troubled Girls | Tennessee
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