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Residential Treatment Programs for Troubled Girls

Residential Treatment Programs for Troubled GirlsResidential treatment programs for troubled girls offer long-term accomodations (lasting from 6-15 months or longer) to teens and adolescents with complex behavioral health problems. Troubled teens are offered a physician-led, multi-disciplinary treatment team who address their overall medical, psychiatric, social, and academic needs. A balance of therapies and activities are offered in a safe, structured setting.

Falcon Ridge Ranch is a licensed residential treatment center for troubled girls ages 12-17. We provide struggling adolescent girls with various opportunities to heal and succeed. Troubled girls with the most serious social, and emotionally challenging conditions, find refuge within the peaceful environment and therapeutic treatments of Falcon Ridge Ranch.

We are located in the heart of southern Utah at close proximity to the scenic Zion National park. Troubled girls are immersed in an environment where their care and concerns are the main priority. The therapeutic methods at Falcon Ridge Ranch consist of a positive peer culture and Equine therapy.

All About Our Equine Therapy

Unlike most residential treatment programs that offer equine therapy, Falcon Ridge Ranch uses equine therapy as the primary vehicle to which treatment is delivered. Most residential treatment programs list equine therapy when all they actually offer to their troubled girls is occasional interaction with the horses.

At Falcon Ridge Ranch, our troubled girls receive daily therapy treatment while working and interacting with the horses. Each girl is partnered with a horse based upon the issues that she is facing. An adolescent girl dealing with oppositional defiant disorder is typically paired with an equally defiant horse, and she has to learn how to develope a positive connection with that horse.

Horses cannot be fooled. They abide by a person's body language and the emotions radiating from that person's posture and composure. A therapist is always present during these sessions to deliver therapeutic evaluation as the interactions happen.

Typical Troubled Girls that benefit from our equine therapy treatment:

• Severe depression

• Family and social conflicts

• Anxiety or excessive fears

• Problems with self-esteem

• Mood and thought disorders

• Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

• Pervasive Developmental Disorders

• Childhood/Adolescent Bipolar Disorder

• Psychotic Disorder

• Conduct Disorder/Oppositional Defiant Disorder

• Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder


Parents of Troubled Girls from the Following States have Searched for Residential Treatment Programs

Alabama (AL), Arkansas (AR), Alaska (AK), Arizona (AZ), California (CA), Colorado (CO), Delaware (DE), District of Columbia (DC), Florida (FL), Georgia (GA), Hawaii (HI), Idaho (ID), Illinois (IL), Indiana (IN), Iowa (IA), Kansas (KS), Kentucky (KY), Louisiana (LA), Maine (ME), Maryland (MD), Massachusetts (MA), Michigan (MI), Minnesota (MN), Mississippi (MS), Missouri (MO), Montana (MT), Nebraska (NE), Nevada (NA), New Hampshire (NH), New Jersey (NJ), New Mexico, (NM) New York (NY), North Carolina (NC), Ohio (OH), Oklahoma (OK), Oregon (OR), Pennsylvania (PA), Rhode Island (RI), South Carolina (SC), South Dakota (SD), Tennessee (TN), Texas (TX), Utah (UT), Vermont (VT), Virginia (VA), Washington (WA), West Virginia (WV), Wisconsin (WI), Wyoming (WY), Canada, Mexico, Cayman Islands


You are here: Home Resources Residential Programs
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