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How Teen Girls Can Build Self-Confidence

Help for struggling teensThe need for today's teen girls to build a healthy self-confidence is imperative. Recent studies have shown that the self-confidence of a young girl peaks at around 9 years of age, and then steadily diminishes. This shocking results is due to a combination of several factors, such as media influences, hormone shifts, and unrealistic societal expectations. "Growing up too soon" is a common element behind many of the behavioral problems associated with teen girls, as they haven't had the time to adequately learn from childhood experiences and enter adolescence better prepared.

Additional studies show that 75% of teen girls who have a low self-image are more apt to engage in harmful activities such as cutting and self-harm, eating disorders, smoking, drug and alcohol use, and sexual activity, than those with a strong self-image. These poor choices may help them to temporarily "escape" their negative feelings and mask their fears..although it comes with a heavy price and the problems still continue.

Helping Teen Girls Build Self-Confidence

The experienced therapeutic team at Falcon Ridge Ranch helps struggling teen girls to build a greater self-confidence and recognize the strength, value, and beauty she already possesses. For many years we have helped teenage girls, ages 12-17, overcome personal challenges, develop inner strengths, solidify core values, and improve decision-making skills to ensure future success. We work hand-in-hand with licensed professionals and parents to create an environment of healing and hope for the entire family.

Parents can contribute to their daughter's development of a healthy self-confidence in a number of ways. Build a strong foundation at home and frequently reaffirm her positive attributes. Maintain open lines of communication.  If teen girls knew they could approach their parents about any subject without the fear of rejection, ridicule, shame or feeling diminished, they are less likely to stray down the wrong path. Allow them to use their voice and state their opinions. If parents refuse to hear their child, or continually speak for their children, they will not come to know their own thoughts and develop as a strong individual. Falcon Ridge Ranch provides an environment of safety for teen girls wherein true healing and positive growth can begin. Call 866-452-8775 for more infomation.



You are here: Home Resources Articles for Parents Uncategorised How Teen Girls Can Build Self-Confidence
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