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Family Weekends at Falcon Ridge Ranch

We believe that our student's potential for successful treatment is enhanced when their family or extended support system is willing to put in the therapeutic work with their daughter. Falcon Ridge Ranch provides opportunities for the families of our students to participate in multiple family interventions to build the capacity for the family to: (a) be supportive, (b) problem solve, (c) communicate to validate, (d) consistently demand accountability, and (e) enlist their daughter's strengths. Family work at Falcon Ridge Ranch focuses on building the required capacity and resources to support the student's treatment as they transition from Falcon Ridge.

Family Involvement:

  • Quarterly Family Weekends
  • Weekly Family Therapy
  • Group Family Therapy
  • Equine Assisted Family Therapy

Family Program Overview

Falcon Ridge Ranch provides opportunities for the family and members of a student's support system to participate in quarterly family weekends, family therapy and family therapy group sessions. Family work at Falcon Ridge Ranch focuses on educating family members about: (a) the messages the underlie their daughter's behaviors, (b) family relationship patterns, (c) tapping into family resources to make meaning of adversity, (d) required boundaries that support their daughter's self worth, and (e) confronting change from a place of dignity and respect. The following are researched based, family resiliency objectives that our students and families address as they participate in their treatment at Falcon Ridge.

1. Making meaning of adversity

  • Value: resiliency as relationally based
  • Normalize, contextualize adversity and distress
  • Sense of coherence: crisis as meaningful, comprehensible and a manageable challenge

2. Positive outlook

  • Hope, optimistic view; confidence in overcoming odds
  • Focus and identification of strengths
  • Active initiative and perseverance (can-do spirit)
  • Master the possible; accept what cannot be changed

3. Transcendence and spirituality

  • Larger values, purpose; future goals and dreams
  • Spirituality: faith, communion
  • Inspiration: envision new possibilities
  • Transformation: learning and growth from adversity

4. Flexibility in managing change

  • Capacity to change: rebound, reorganize, adapt to fit challenges over time
  • Change is counterbalanced by stability: dependability on healthy support systems, security in the predictability in applying values to choices, consistency in being accountable

5. Connectedness

  • Mutual support, collaboration, and commitment
  • Respect individual needs, differences, and boundaries
  • Strong leadership: nurture, protect, guide
  • Seek reconnection, reconciliation of troubled relationships

6. Social resources

  • Mobilize extended kin and social support; models and mentors
  • Build healthy community networks

7. Clarity in communication processes

  • Clear, consistent messages (words and actions)
  • Clarify ambiguous information: truth seeking and truth speaking

8. Open emotional sharing in communicating patterns

  • Share range of feelings (joy and pain; hopes and fears)
  • Mutual empathy; tolerance for differences
  • Responsibility for own feelings, behavior; avoid blaming
  • Pleasurable interactions; humor

9. Collaborative problem solving in communicating needs

  • Creative brainstorming; resourcefulness
  • Shared decision making and conflict resolution: negotiation, fairness, reciprocity
  • Focus on goals; take concrete steps; build on success; learn from failure
  • Proactive stance: Prevent problems
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