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Family Therapy Programs for Troubled Girls

Family Therapy Programs for Troubled Girls

Falcon Ridge Ranch presents outstanding family therapy programs for troubled girls.  We are known for our family therapy and the reunification of troubled girls to the family.  Family therapy is extremely important to attaining the desired treatment goals and objectives.

Family involvement is a vital ingredient to the overall therapeutic success of each girl's program. Experience has shown when a family is actively involved in their daughter's treatment (participates in family therapy programs) the likelihood of a positive experience and long-term success is greatly magnified. Students and parents must work together through the healing process, and family therapy is the place where healing is enhanced.

Our case manager provides parents ongoing opportunities to engage in every aspect of the program. From the arrival of a student at Falcon Ridge Ranch, the case manager maintains communication between home and the program. Progress reports are sent to families every 45 days beginning after admission.

Family Therapy Programs Specialized for the Treatment of Troubled Girls

These reports make it possible for families to stay updated on treatment progress as well as understand the program structure. Academic and therapeutic progress is reported in detail. If a family has questions or concerns, they are encouraged to contact the case manager.

Along with reports, our weekly phone calls to home help prepare families for eventual visitations, therapy sessions, and reunification upon completion of the program. Families are invited to attend structured family weekends every eight weeks. These weekends give families an opportunity to confront issues, provide therapeutic activities, and bring resolution.

Our family weekends have a stabilizing and healing effect on the entire family. Families meet and support other families in similar situations. A common bond is created as they each work towards their own family unity.


You are here: Home Family Program
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