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Articles for Parents of Struggling Teenage GirlsFalcon Ridge Ranch is a licensed, residential treatment center that not only serves struggling teenage girls, but gives aid to the family as a whole. We specialize in a proven and unique method of treatment called "Equine Therapy". Equine Therapy uses horses in the most therapeutic manner possible to help teens learn how to build relationships, be responsible, and see the error of their ways.

For parents of troubled teens who are in search of information to help turn their struggling child's life around, please use this article resource page to gather as much information as possible to help save your child's life. To speak with a Falcon Ridge Ranch representative, please call 866-452-8775.

Valuable Articles for Parents

Running Away

How To Deal With Troubled Teenagers

Suicide Treatment for Troubled Teens

Oppositional Defiant Disorder in Teenagers

Programs for Troubled Children 

Help for Troubled Youth

Schools for Troubled Kids

Troubled Youth Programs

School for Troubled Girls

Family Issues

Help for Troubled Teenage Girls

Signs of Depression in Teens

Social Problems in Adolescents

How to Handle Constant Lying

Ropes Adventure Therapy

Therapeutic Wilderness Camps

Adolescent Depression

Adolescent Risk-taking Behaviors

Troubled Teens Signs

Symptoms of Adolescent ADD and ADHD

Reactive Attachment Disorder

Adolescent and Friends

Academic Improvement Teens

Adolescent Girls Depression Stress Cutting

Alcoholism in Teens

Adolescent Treatment Facilities

Adventure Therapy

Anxiety in Adolescents

Bipolar Disorder

Bridge to Independent Living

Child Behavior Modification

Troubled Teenagers

Truancy / Poor School Performance

Adolescent Anger Management

Adolescent Alcohol Abuse

Substance Abuse/Addiction Troubled Girls

Additional Article Resource

Teenage Girls Hanging With the Wrong Crowd

Why do Teenage Girls Start Drinking

Five Causes of Depression in Teenage Girls

Teen Girls and the Struggle for a Healthy Self-Image

How Teen Girls Can Build Self-Confidence

Equine Therapy can help Troubled Girls

Stress and Addiction in Troubled Girls 

Troubled Girls Are Good At Hiding Problems

Troubled Girls And Avoiding Feelings Of Shame

Helping Troubled Girls Feel More Comfortable In Their Own Skin 

Setting Healthy Goals for Troubled Girls

Troubled Girls Need Healthy Friendships

Repairing Relationships in Teenage Girls

Teaching Troubled Girls How to Make Good Decisions

How Stress Affects Teen Girls

The Dangers of Loneliness in Troubled Girls

Uncontrollable Rage in Teenage Girls

The Downward Spiral of Addiction in Struggling Girls

Attention Issues in Struggling Teen Girls

The Influence of Peers Over Parents in Troubled Teen Girls

Early Warning Signs of Troubling Behavior in Teenage Girls 

Can Technology Offer Hope to Parents of Depressed Teens? 

Educational Psychologists Are Working To Solve the Teen Learning Problem

How Counterfactual Thinking Can Lead Troubled Girls Far Down the Wrong Path

Stranger and Stranger: My Teen Daughter Seems Like a Different Person Everyday

Eleven Signs You May Have a Communication Problem With Your Teen Daughter

There is No Such thing as Perfect: Raising a Teen the Realistic Way

Drugs and Partying May Be Common But They're Not OK: Teen Girl Trouble Makers

I Am A Troubled Girl But I Won't Know it Until You Show Me How I Need to Change

What Leads Otherwise Good Girls to Steal?

Depression-Shaming: Is One Person More Entitled to Feel Depressed Than Another?

Tiny Waist, Big Brain: Emerging Research Paints a New Portrait of Anorexia

 Diana Nyad Is A Hero To Troubled Young Girls

10 Percent Of Teens Abuse Prescription Drugs

No Outfit is an Invitation For Violence

You are here: Home Resources Articles for Parents
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