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Aftercare Programs for Troubled Girls

Aftercare Programs for Troubled Girls

Providing aftercare programs to Troubled Girls who have completed Falcon Ridge Ranch is what sets us apart from other residential treatment centers.  Without a solid aftercare plan the effectiveness of the girl's transition home is greatly diminished.  Maintaining a therapeutic relationship with each girl and her family is a priority, and our aftercare program is an integral part of each girl's success.  By completing our aftercare program the chances for long-term success are dramatically increased.

Aftercare Programs - Supportive Network for Troubled Girls

Our treatment process for young women and their families does not end at discharge.  Whether a student is returning home, or entering an alternate living situation, we establish a supportive network to provide security, continued education, and long-term guidance.  Aftercare programs are a vital transitional phase that should not be overlooked or undervalued. 

Studies show that the therapeutic experience is greatly enhanced when a caring and supportive network of family, friends, and professionals has been firmly established.  Our staff will provide continued guidance as life coaches, and our aftercare programs are purposely designed to assist each girl in achieving continued success.

Aftercare Programs - Troubled Girls transition into the Real World

Aftercare programs are the stabilizing method that allows the young girl to take what she has learned in treatment and apply it effectively in the real world.

Our goal is to prepare each young women to lead a happy and healthy life.  An individualized plan is created as part of each student's treatment. This plan is designed to ensure that a healthy transition back into family life is effective and that future aspects are addressed.  We provide continued support to our students as they strive to integrate into their community as responsible and productive individuals.

As a Troubled Girl nears program graduation, the academic director and clinical staff create a detailed aftercare plan based upon the available resources in the student's community.  The case managers will routinely check in with students and their families following discharge, and the young women are encouraged to keep in touch with their therapist, teachers, and staff. 

With this on-going support, the young women that graduate from Falcon Ridge Ranch are better prepared to meet everyday situations with success.  Those who complete our program walk away with greater confidence, as well as having gained the necessary skills to interact with others in a healthy manner and efficiently solve life's daily challenges.  Reuniting healthy families is the purpose and passion of Falcon Ridge Ranch.


You are here: Home After Care
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