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Behavior Modification Treatment Programs for Troubled Girls

Behavior modification treatment programs seek to reward good behaviors in troubled girls and punish problematic behaviors. Falcon Ridge Ranch is not a behavior modification program, we are residential treatment center and we adopt different therapeutic methods to help each struggling girl that comes our way. Please call 866-452-8775 to speak with a representative.

Behavior mod programs seek to eliminate negative behaviors by using positive reinforcement like the Pavlov method. Unfortunately, teens are not always going to be in an environment where they get rewarded for behavior honestly, positively and with honor. We cannot teach troubled teens to only act right when there is a reward awaiting them. The reward we teach troubled girls, comes from internally, it comes from their core values.

Parents of a daughter with behavior problems may feel at the end of their ropes. To not completely discredit behavior modification programs, we will say that perhaps it may work with those who are dealing with oppositional defiance disorder or teenagers who are overly aggressive. Generally speaking however, we have discovered and know for certain that teens who are exhibiting these behaviors are lashing out due to some serious trauma and hurt. These traumas and hurts do not magically disappear. They have to be addressed in a therapeutic setting.

What sets our Residential treatment center apart from Behavior modification treatment programs

At Falcon Ridge Ranch, we use a positive peer culture method to help troubled girls who are dealing with behavioral issues. Our approach teaches girls accountability and responsibility. Troubled girls are taught that they are in control of their lives thus in control of their own actions. We also teach them that in acting a certain way, they are in control of the consequences that come with their actions.

We give troubled girls a voice as well as respect. We do not promote control. Behavior modification treatment programs spread the belief that teens are not in control and that they need external rewards in order to be responsible. There will be instances where there are no external rewards, how will a teen react when they have been taught that if you behave properly you get a reward.

We understand the hardship associated with walking on eggshells around your teen but we strongly encourage that parents research all the facets of available programs for out-of-control troubled girls. They may find that the issues that their child is dealing with require a delicate approach and behavior modification treatment programs are completely inappropriate facilities for their child. If you are looking for clarity on the different programs available to your child, we recommend that you contact an admission counselor for help. Contact our staff for support at 866-452-8775.

Home - Behavior Modification Treatment Programs for Troubled Girls

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